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Differentiate or Die

Is there an easy way to attract a horde of ideal new customers without spending a fortune on advertising and promoting your business?

Hello and welcome.

If you want to attract dozens of ideal new clients who are happy to open their wallets and give you their hard earned money then this letter will show you how.

(I highly recommend you print it out for easier reading.)

Let me give you the bad news first:

I live in Auckland, New Zealand with a population of just over one million people.

If you want to find a real estate agent in Auckland to sell your home there are currently over 5,000 real estate agents to choose between.

And many of these real estate agents are very good at selling real estate. That’s a lot of hungry competitors!

Now you may not sell real estate. But whatever your type of business, you probably have a lot of competitors who are very good at what they do.

So how do you get potential clients to notice and then choose your business rather any of your competitors?

And how do you do this without spending a fortune on advertising and promotion?

That’s the good news!!

You just need to use clever, low cost strategies to position your business as being ‘different’ and ‘better’ than most of your competitors.

Do this right and you’ll outsmart your competitors and make a truckload of easy sales at the same time.

And that’s why I created my brand new 254 page ‘Differentiate or Die’ Marketing Guide.

(This guide explains in great detail how to use 70 proven differentiation strategies that work so well to boost sales they should almost be made illegal.)

Here are a few of the strategies you’ll learn in the Differentiate or Die Marketing guide…

The A.M. Differentiation strategy that always works to makes easy sales yet is used by less than 5% of businesses. (Pages 238-246.)

-A real estate sales professional uses The A.M. Differentiation strategy to get 66% of his new sales every month by referrals. So ideal clients ring him up and say ‘Can you please sell my home’. (He’s also the number two salesperson in the entire country for his company.)

-The A.M. Differentiation Strategy is something that any business can use and you can put it into action in less than 24 hours.

The F.G.W.A.G.S. Differentiation strategy and why it instantly makes people want to spend their money with your business. And tell dozens of their friends about your business at the same time. (Pages 229-236.)

-In my Differentiate or Die Marketing Guide I show you four simple ways to put the F.G.W.A.G.S. Differentiation strategy into action fast. (And best of all you can do this for free or next to no cost.)

The M.O.M. Differentiation strategy that causes customers to remember your business forever and give you a truckload of repeat and referral business for many years. (Pages 220-228.)

-The M.O.M. Differentiation Strategy regularly produces millions of dollars of easy sales for a range of different businesses. (Yet it is super simple to use and can easily be put into action in less than one hour.)

The E.M. Differentiation Strategy that attracts ideal new clients like bees to a honey pot. (Pages 217-219.)

-The E.M Differentiation Strategy is also the best way I know to double the effectiveness of any advertising you are doing without spending a single extra dollar.

The R.R. Differentiation Strategy instantly eliminates one of the single biggest reasons that people don’t spend money with your business. (Pages 212-214.)

-There are two magic words that make this strategy work well. And I explain what these words and how to use them to stop losing sales.

The H.P. Differentiation Strategy is perfect for any business that wants to enjoy great profit margins and sell well against low priced competitors. It’s also a terrific way to make more money without doing any extra work. (Pages 202-212.)

-The H.P. Differentiation Strategy is ideally suited for businesses that want to be paid well for what they sell.

-There’s a terrific example of a business that uses The H.P. Differentiation Strategy to make $20,000 sales for a service that low priced competitors routinely charge only $500 for. (The steps they follow to do this can be easily used in many different types of businesses.)

The M.P. Differentiation Strategy is rarely used. Yet it is a simple way to get your business noticed positively by hundreds of people for a tiny investment of money. (Pages 196-199.)

-The good news is that because this strategy is so rare it forces people to notice your business when you use it. And with a little bit of thought you can create a bucket load of easy sales at the same time.

The S.W.Y.C.A.R.B. Differentiation Strategy is a clever way to make more sales. And it helps you to see the real reasons that people buy your products and services. (Pages 193-195.)

-A cleaning company used the S.W.Y.C.A.R.B. Differentiation Strategy to become a market leader in their field in less than 12 months.

-A manufacturer was losing millions of dollars of sales a year because customers were using their product a lot less often. So they used the S.W.Y.C.A.R.B. Differentiation Strategy to create dozens of highly profitable new products with very little effort.

The G.M. Differentiation Strategy is low cost, simple and a proven way to promote any business and get a large amount of ideal new clients in a short period of time. (Pages 189-192.)

-The best thing about the G.M. Differentiation Strategy is that it can be used dozens of different ways.

-A Team Building Company uses the G.M. differentiation strategy with a box of donuts to get 15-20 good quality referrals every month.

-A personal brand consultant uses the G.M. differentiation strategy with free videos to generate tens of thousands of dollars of new fees every year.

The A.T.Y.I.T.M. Differentiation Strategy works well to attract ideal clients to your business. (Pages 186-189.)

-A small coffee shop used the A.T.Y.I.T.M. Differentiation strategy to turn low sales into a thriving business. And they did this without cutting prices and in the face of tough competition from a large competitor with deep pockets.

The M.D.Q. Differentiation Strategy will help any business to turn a lot more of their quotes and proposals into high paid sales. (Pages 184-186.)

-The best thing about this strategy is that you can use it in 10 minutes. You just add three simple headings and a few sentences to your current quotes or proposals. And like magic these quotes and proposals look far more attractive than many of your competitors quotes and proposals. And you make more sales (and often at higher prices than your competitors are charging.)

The M.N. Differentiation Strategy is fun, low cost and easy to use. And makes your business instantly stand out in a crowded market. (Pages 179-183)

-The M.N. Differentiation Strategy was used to create one of the longest running and most successful advertising campaigns in history.

-It helped a struggling retail business to turn around low sales and become the highest price supplier of a common product.

-The M.N. Differentiation Strategy helped a business consultant attract hundreds of new clients. Random strangers come up to this business consultant at places like airports to ask for more information about the services he offers. And the same strategy can be used by any business.

The ‘P’ Differentiation Strategy is recommended by the world’s highest paid marketing consultant (Jay Abrahams) to every one of his clients (Pages 174-179.)

-The ‘P’ Differentiation Strategy involves you thinking about your customers and clients in a different way. And it gives you an instant competitive advantage in any market.

The D.W.Y.P.Y.W.D. Differentiation Strategy is the reason that a huge number of people regularly spend money with certain businesses. (Pages 173-174.)

-And all it takes to use this strategy is a pen and piece of paper.

The F.O.S.P. Differentiation Strategy is what good doctor’s use with their patients. (Pages 168-171.)

-The F.O.S.P. Differentiation Strategy involves three simple steps and costs no money to put into action. It builds instant trust and makes it highly likely that many potential clients will buy what you recommend.

The P.M.P. Differentiation Strategy is for businesses that want to enjoy the benefits of a huge amount of Positive Media Publicity without spending any money. (Pages 151-168.)

-Positive Media Publicity is something that any business can create if they use the right approach. And I give you 11 proven approaches to follow in my Differentiate or Die Marketing Guide.

-You’ll learn two free sources that put you in touch fast with media sources that are keen to do a story on your type of business.

-You’ll learn how to write a compelling press release that will get your business featured in the media.

-You’ll discover the best times to approach the media and how to increase your chances of getting positive media publicity.

-Getting positive media publicity is a lot easier than you think. You just need to know what to do.

The P.T. Differentiation Strategy is used by only 5% of businesses. Yet it is one of the most effective strategies you can use to persuade new customers to choose your business to spend their hard earned money with. (Pages 142-144.)

-The P.T. Differentiation Strategy turns your best clients and customers into unpaid sales people for your business.

-And it eliminates instantly many of the reasons that people won’t spend money with your business.

The N.W.T.A.C. Differentiation Strategy is something that any business can use to make easy sales. (Pages 137-140.)

– A retailer used the N.W.T.A.C. Differentiation Strategy to attract hundreds of new customers into their store every week.

-A major bank used the N.W.T.A.C. Differentiation Strategy to get thousands of new clients fast.

-A home relocation firm used the N.W.T.A.C. Differentiation Strategy to generate over 8 million dollars of new sales.

The L.F.M. Differentiation Strategy is the perfect way to prove you are far better than all your competitors. (Pages 131-132.)

-An insurance sales professional used the L.F.M. Differentiation Strategy to sell over a billion dollars of insurance in one year.

-A business consultant uses the L.F.M. Differentiation Strategy to get positively recommended by many of the people who contact him.

The R.R. Differentiation Strategy allows your business to charge much higher prices than your competitors and still have a lot of eager customers who are very keen to pay these higher prices. (Pages 127-130.)

-The R.R. Differentiation Strategy is a good way to make higher profitis without working harder.

-And it’s a strategy that can be used in many businesses.

The P.O.V. Differentiation Strategy forces people to tell their friends and workmates about your business. (Pages 124-127.)

-A salesperson used the P.O.V. Differentiation Strategy to make cold calls fun for all the people he spoke with. And he made a fortune in easy sales at the same time.

The C.Y.C. Differentiation Strategy is something that very few business people think about. Yet it can make them a fortune in easy sales when they put it into action. (Pages 119-121.)

-An insurance sales person became a multi-millionaire after using the C.Y.C. Differentiation Strategy. And it’s a strategy that can be used in a large number of businesses.

The ‘S’ Differentiation Strategy has been used by major companies to make hundreds of millions of dollars of new sales. The good news is that it can be used by any sized business to differentiate themselves from all their competitors. (Pages 114-119.)

-A newsletter publisher uses the ‘S’ strategy to get hundreds of high paying clients every year.

-A manufacturer of a common cleaning product makes thousands of new sales every month with the ‘S’ Differentiation Strategy.

-There are three super easy ways to put the ‘S’ Differentiation Strategy into action. And they are all explained in the Differentiate or Die Marketing Guide.

The H.T.L.T Differentiation Strategy is perfect for businesses who want to get 500 or more people every year recommending their business to everyone they know.(Pages 107-110.)

-The H.T.L.T. Differentiation Strategy is something I have personally used for over 30 years. And it works even better today.

-The H.T.L.T Differentiation Strategy takes 3 minutes a day to use and gets your business positively remembered every time it is used.

-Best of all less than 1% of businesses use the H.T.L.T. Differentiation Strategy. So you stand out in a crowded market whenever you use it.

The S.U.C.S. Differentiation Strategy is a clever way to make your business unique and special in the minds of all your customers.
(Pages 105 to 107.)

-One of my favourite business authors used the S.U.C.S. Differentiation Strategy to make his own business so successful that be became a multi-millionaire when he sold it.

The Positioning Differentiation Strategy gives potential clients an irresistible reason to choose your business over all your competitors. (Pages 97-100.)

-Best of all the Positioning Differentiation Strategy can be used in over 80% of businesses.

The F.O.A.N.M. Differentiation Strategy is a powerful way to become known as a market leader in your industry. (Pages 91-97.)

-With the F.O.A.N.M. Differentiation Strategy you say ‘no’ to people who are not a good fit for your business. And by saying ‘no’ you actually get a large number of people who say ‘yes’ to paying you money.

The P.B. Differentiation Strategy is a fun way to get a lot more customers to choose your business to spend money with.
(Pages 84-87.)

-The P.B. Differentiation Strategy is especially useful if you sell a service of any sort.

The C.N.J. Differentiation Strategy allows any business to get major media publicity without spending any money. (Pages 80-83.)

-An online retailer made an easy $200,000 in new sales just by using the C.N.J. Differentiation Strategy one time.

-The C.N.J. Differentiation Strategy uses what is happening in the news right now to create massive media exposure for your business. It’s fun and simple to use. (And gets you well known fast.)

The D.T.V.O.W.Y.S. Differentiation Strategy is a terrific way to sell the real value of your product or service. (Pages 72-75.)

– The D.T.V.O.W.Y.S. Differentiation Strategy makes it easy to charge higher prices and eliminate totally a lot of low priced competitors. And in most cases you can use it by doing a small amount of thinking up front.

The S.M.A.A.D. Differentiation Strategy is a clever way to sell a lot of different services. (Pages 66-69.)

-One of the world’s most successful life insurance agents used this one strategy to sell over a hundred million dollars of life insurance every year way back in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

-The S.M.A.A.D. Differentiation Strategy is an unusual but very effective way to explain what you do. It gets instant attention when you use it and your business is always noticed as being special.

The S.W.O.D.B. Differentiation Strategy can be used in any type of business. It boosts sales fast and gives a lot of people some great reasons to talk about your business to all the people they know. (Pages 59-61.)

-The owner of an online business used this strategy to delight all his clients. And it was a key to making his business so successful that he was able to sell it for 22 million dollars.

The H.A.F. Differentiation Strategy makes people ‘feel good’ and it always gets your business positively noticed. (Pages 53-56.)

-And when people ‘feel good’ they are far more likely to buy from you.

The P.G. Differentiation Strategy gets a lot of people talking positively about your business. (Pages 50-53.)

-And it is super simple to put into action.

The ‘L’ Differentiation Strategy is one of my favourites. It can be used by any business and it quickly produces delighted clients and a bucket load of great repeat and referral sales. (Pages 46-48.)

-An appliance store uses the ‘L’ Differentiation strategy and gets a huge amount of repeat and referral business each month. And it costs them only $10 to use this strategy with each customer.

-A car dealer spent $30 using the ‘L’ Differentiation Strategy and got one customer buying two new cars and telling hundreds of business people about the great service from the car dealership.

The Instant Credibility Differentiation Strategy is something that many businesses can use to get potential clients to go ‘wow’ this business is good. I want to give them my money. (Pages 37-40.)

-A real estate agent selling normal priced properties earns over a million dollars a year. He uses a 2 minute phone call to get every new potential client to think ‘wow’ this real estate agent is amazing. I have to use him.

The T.S.M.I. Differentiation Strategy is a clever way to get brand new clients in as little as 30 seconds. And it makes your business super memorable every time you use it. (Pages 35-37.)

-This strategy is perfect to use at any networking event where you have to give a short commercial about your business to a group of people.

The C.A.N.C. Differentiation Strategy is something that legendary marketing expert Al Ries recommends to anyone who sells a premium priced service.(Pages 25-28.)

-A cleaning company used the C.A.N.C Differentiation Strategy to triple the hourly rate their cleaners got paid. And they created several million dollars of free media publicity at the same time.

The C.M. Differentiation Strategy means you do things very differently from most of your competitors. And by doing things differently you get noticed and make it easy for a lot of people to choose your business instead of your competitors. (Pages 18-20.)

-A real estate business is one of the most successful in the country by using the C.M. Differentiation Strategy.

-This strategy is not for everyone. But can work amazingly well if it is something that you can use.

The B.B.S. Differentiation Strategy is a clever low cost way to make your business famous fast. (Pages 4-8.)

-A struggling restaurant in Australia became one of the most popular restaurants in their town by using the B.B.S Differentiation Strategy.

-A retailer with minimal sales became famous worldwide by using the B.B.S. Differentiation Strategy.

And that’s just some of what you’ll learn in the Differentiate or Die Marketing Guide.

If you would like to order this guide here are the details:

The Differentiate or Die Marketing Guide is available in digital format. And it sells for $479US.  (US is US Dollars and includes GST for New Zealand Clients.)

The Differentiate or Die Marketing Guide was created for serious marketers only.

In other words, it’s for business people who are going to take action on some of the 70 Differentiation Strategies that are covered in the guide.

If you are not likely to take action, save your money and don’t buy this marketing guide.

Added Value:

To help you put some of the Differentiation Strategies into action I will be including five months of email consulting at no charge with this guide.

So if you have any comments or questions on how to use any of the Differentiation Strategies in this guide just email me over the next five months and I’ll give you my best advice at no charge.

And yes, you can email me as often as you need.

I really want you to put into action some of the Differentiate or Die Strategies so you enjoy new clients and higher sales fast.

Your Action Step:

If you are ready to differentiate your business, outsmart your competitors and make a truck load of easy sales just go this order link now.

Yes, I want to outsmart my competitors and make a truckload of easy sales at the same time.

Send me a copy of your 254 page Differentiate or Die Marketing Guide.

Warm regards
Graham McGregor

PS: There are no refunds on this guide. So if you are not sure if it is right for you, I recommend you don’t buy it.

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