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Hi it’s Graham McGregor here:

I’ve been actively involved in sales and marketing for over 42 years and in this time I’ve noticed something very interesting.

There are hundreds of simple strategies that any business can use to boost their sales, delight their clients and give themselves a real competitive edge.

Here are some examples:

Graham one simple strategy you told me to do hit me like a thunderbolt. It took two minutes for me to put that strategy into action and once I had done that I banked an extra $10,500 almost instantly. Not only that – the one strategy you gave me I am using time and time again to bring in extra cash that I would never have had if it were not for you.
Tom Poland
Business Strategist

Hi Graham and thanks for the wonderful marketing campaign you arranged for my business. The campaign ran for 48 hours and involved sending two carefully worded emails to my clients and subscribers. In this short time frame we created $11,741 of brand new profits which are now in my bank account. The marketing campaign was easy and simple to run and produced results that were far better than I expected.
Robyn Pearce
Managing Director
Getting a Grip

Graham, I wanted you to know that I am delighted with the wonderful sales results I achieved from using just two of your marketing strategies. The end result was over $137,000 of new business within a few short weeks. I have been in professional selling for a long time and would never have thought that such simple marketing strategies would have worked so well to increase my sales.
Doug Callander
Speaker, trainer, consultant

If you would like to learn simple strategies like these to boost your sales, create delighted clients and give your business a real competitive edge then you might like to invest in my 154 page marketing guide

‘Simple Marketing Amazing Results Volume One’

‘Simple Marketing Amazing Results Volume One’  is a digital marketing guides that features proven marketing and sales strategies that work remarkably well and are super simple to put into action.

My goal for you is that you read ‘Simple Marketing Amazing Results Volume One’ and immediately put into action some simple sales and marketing strategies that make you money fast.

The bad news is that this guide is not for everyone.

It is $299US so is not cheap.

The good news is that it only contains sales and marketing ideas that have already worked well in the real world.

Here a few of the sales boosting strategies in ‘Simple Marketing Amazing Results Volume One’

A clever way to get brand new clients in as little as 30 seconds (page 4)

How to use visual sales aids to double the power of every sales presentation you ever make (page 141)

The simple “P” strategy that the world’s most expensive marketing consultant recommends to every client he has (page 150)
The blindingly simple phone strategy that can increase sales by 25% or more (page 145)

    • The M.R. sales strategy that costs no money yet routinely helps sales people double and triple their sales in less than a month (page 135)
    • How to grow sales fast by selling solutions to problems (page 120)
    • Why you need a B.B.S. for your business and how it can create massive publicity and a truckload of easy sales (page 15)
    • How to identify the massive hidden market for the products and services you sell (page 115)
    • The clever P.F. marketing strategy that creates new sales from old marketing (page 110)
    • The E.Q. sales strategy that is immensely valuable to potential prospects and sets you apart from 95% of your competitors at the same time (page 108)
    • A clever way to position your business as an expert in your field and attract a ton of easy sales from ideal clients (page 106)
    • How to turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ and create brand new sales from cold prospects (page 104)
    • An easy way to get positive media coverage at no cost for your business (page 103)
    • The expert way to handle price objections and why it’s a great sales strategy to get your clients to happily pay more money (page 96)
    • The 20 fishing lines approach to boosting sales and how to put it into action (page 94)
    • Why you should D.O.T.W. if you want to differentiate your business from all your competitors and attract ideal clients like bees to a honey pot (page 92)
    • Why smile marketing boosts sales and creates delighted clients at the same time (page 91)
    • How to use O.P.N. to get an avalanche of warm prospects to talk to and how to use O.P.N. at little or no cost in any business (page 87)
    • The magic power of A.M. to boost sales and how you can use it in less than 24 hours (page 85)
    • How to use L.F.M. to leap over all your competitors and position your business as the only business that potential prospects should spend their money with (page 83)
    • How to use the ‘UnMarketing’ strategy to create warm prospects and easy sales (Page 81)
    • A clever strategy to work less and sell more that is seldom used (page 78)
    • How to use your most valuable marketing asset to create automatic referrals and easy sales (page 76)
    • An unusual way to create a brand new revenue stream for most businesses (page 66)
    • How to use A.V. to get an unfair marketing advantage and effortless sales (page 63)
    • Why the C.Y.C. sales strategy works so well to double and even triple sales (page 57)
    • How to use the ‘WF’ strategy to get clients and customers telling everyone they know positive things about your business (page 56)
  • How to use the ‘Elephants don’t bite’ marketing strategy to create loyal clients and easy sales (page 51)
  • The M.V. sales strategy that can be responsible for 50% of your sales success (page 48)
  • How to use a SWODB


Let me wrap everything up for you:

The Simple Marketing Great Results Newsletter is $97US per month and shipping is free no matter what country you live in. (US is US Dollars and includes GST for my clients in New Zealand.)

There are also no refunds on your investment.

The reality is that this marketing guide is only meant for a tiny number of business owners who are serious about growing their sales and creating delighted clients using simple sales and marketing strategies.

By ‘serious’ I mean they regularly take action on helpful sales and marketing ideas.

So if you don’t take action on helpful ideas then I recommend you hold onto your money and don’t invest in this marketing guide.If however you like the idea of using simple marketing and sales strategies to grow your sales fast then click the “Yes Count Me In” button below to get started.

Yes Count Me In!

I understand ‘Simple Marketing Amazing Results Volume One’ is $299US


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