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Are you ready to make your business Famous in February?

One of the marketing challenges many of us face in business is HOW TO GET NOTICED  in a very crowded market place.

And that’s the purpose of my ‘Famous in February Boot Camp’.

To get your business noticed fast in February.

The Famous in February Boot Camp is very simple…

It starts on Tuesday, February 1, 2022 and finishes on Monday February 28, 2022.

In this time I’ll give you 10 super simple things you can do to make your business famous and well known..

You’ll get one new Famous in February strategy every 2-3 days.

You can use all 10 Famous in February strategies or as many of them as you want.

The investment is super affordable at only $99US for each business who wants to participate.

Here are the 10 Famous in February strategies that I’ll give you to use…

Famous in February Strategy 1:

A simple added value email that you can send to every person you have permission to email. This email is super positive and will promote your business and make everyone who gets the email feel terrific. A lot of these people will forward this email onto other people they know.

Famous in February Strategy 2:

This is a super simple contest that will get hundreds of people talking positively about your business.

This contest will cost no more than $200 to run and is highly likely to get you some positive media attention as well.

 Famous in February Strategy 3:

This is a Pay It Forward strategy designed to get hundreds more people talking positively about your business.

Famous in February Strategy 4:

This is a simple three word nickname you can give your business or give yourself.

This nickname should cost no money to start using and will immediately get your business noticed fast.

Famous in February Strategy 5:

This is a clever media publicity strategy that you can use with a wide range o media outlets.

I suggest you use it with at least 5.

There is an excellent chance that at least one of these media outlets will talk about your business positively once they see what you are doing.

Famous in February Strategy 6:

This is a simple feel good strategy that will get hundreds of people wanting to help your business.

It takes less than an hour and under $100 to put into action.

Famous in February Strategy 7:

This is a brand new added value email where you give everyone in your email audience a wonderful gift (in digital format) that cleverly promotes your business at the same time.

Famous in February Strategy 8:

This is a unique guarantee that none of your competitors are using and will make you stand out from many of your competitors.

Famous in February Strategy 9:

This a clever way to differentiate your business from every single competitor without having to cut prices or offer discounts

Famous in February Strategy 10::

This is a completely ‘over the top and laugh out loud’ fun strategy that will get hundreds of people noticing your business fast.

Here’s the bad news: 

The Famous in February Boot-camp is limited to one business in any category in each city or town.

So if a real estate agent in Auckland, New Zealand wants to participate they will be the only real estate agent in Auckland who can participate in the Famous in February Boot-camp.

Other types of businesses in Auckland could still participate however only one business in each category.

And it’s first in first served.

There is also a super short deadline to enroll in the Famous in February boot camp.

That deadline is 6pm on Thursday January 20th, 2022. (New Zealand Local Time.)

The Good News: 

I’ve deliberately made the Famous in February Boot-camp super affordable at only $99US. (US is US Dollars and is plus GST for clients in New Zealand.)

If you would like to get your business well known in February it could be just what you are looking for.

If you would like to participate just email me on with the words ‘yes I’m in’.

And also tell me the type of business you have and the city or town that you operate in.

I need this info so I can give you exclusive rights to participate in the Famous in February boot-camp in your industry in your city or town.

I look forward to hearing from you if you’d like to participate.

Warm regards
Graham McGregor

“It’s not about how to get started; it’s about how to get noticed.’
Steve Case

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